Our story

The SILC team is highly experienced – an engaged, flexible workforce of passionate people. We are known for pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to improve outcomes for people.

The organisation was established by Peter James in 1991 to support people with intellectual disabilities to leave the institutionalised care model of Tokanui Hospital and live in the community.

He saw an opportunity to make a difference, recognising each individual has their own unique gifts and challenges. SILC’s focus has always been on people with disabilities living in their own homes in their communities – people living good lives

It’s not science, it’s not bureaucracy, it’s not service specs; it’s the art of being human. It’s about people, people, people.

Peter James

We listen to people and work alongside them to achieve their dreams.

Our values


Planning the future with imagination


A community where everyone belongs


To be the best we can be.


Taking a holistic approach to the lives of people and our community